I am a fashion designer and my medium is clay. The transition from cloth to clay came about serendipitously. I designed women’s sportswear for many years, but I always wanted to try my hand at ceramics. I took a pottery class and during a demonstration I heard the word “dart”. At that moment the idea for creating dresses in clay was born. The common terminology and my passion for materials inspires endless connections between my past as a fashion designer and teacher and my future as a ceramicist.

For me, a dress is a symbol of time, place, culture and self. Choice in dress becomes a representation of image, emotion, experience and fantasy. It is a reflection to the outside world of a message that the wearer delivers through clothing choices.

In my work, I ask the viewer to see the imaginary woman inside of the sculpture – to define her persona. I use the attitude and gesture of the form to portray a feeling that only the observer can define.

I extend myself to creating replicas of wedding dresses because each sculpture captures an irreplaceable moment in time and reflects a capstone life experience.